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Till & Juvo Jobs Pair Together to Provide Solutions to Property Management Communities Nationwide

Till & Juvo Jobs Pair Together in New Partnership

Till & Juvo Jobs Pair Together to Provide Solutions to Property Management Communities Nationwide

ATLANTA, G.A. (Mar. 14, 2022) - Juvo360 welcomes their new partnership with Till, joining together to provide solutions for renters and apartment owners nationwide. The US workforce is under tremendous pressure due to higher rent payments, stagnant wages, and ever-increasing commuting costs. This partnership will improve the lives of millions of renters in the US by helping them find work closer to home and ensuring their rent is paid on time.

Recognizing employment and workforce housing go hand in hand, Juvo created an amenity program for multi-family properties to help residents find nearby job opportunities, furthering the company’s mission to improve people's lives by saving them time and money with shorter work commutes.

Till uses innovative technology to provide flexible rent schedules for renters. By maintaining personalized financial experiences for residents, Till gives people the ability to stay in their current living situations and also maximizes the value of residential communities, as property managers who implement Till into their amenities programs see an increase in on-time rent collections. Juvo’s involvement in the property management space led them to establish a relationship with Till, hoping to provide yet another solution for renters and property managers alike. "We are thrilled to partner with Till, a fellow mission-driven company. Till and Juvo collectively form a powerful force that will help millions of workers and renters in the U.S. and the communities they live in,” Jeff Baumohl, VP of Partnerships, says.

As of now, Juvo’s connection to the property management ecosystem has proven to be successful. With a physical and digital presence in the Southeast, partnerships with companies such as ACRE, Middleburg Communities, and Fortis Properties, have led to thousands of downloads of the Juvo Jobs app. With continued efforts alongside Till, Juvo plans to increase the number of downloads and employer connections in the app. Juvo also plans to highlight Till as a resource for its current residents and apartment partners.

“Till and Juvo share the same philosophy, providing financially inclusive tools and resources that empower renters and property owners to succeed. While Till’s flexible rent program significantly improves a renter's ability to manage to pay rent, Juvo improves each renter’s ability to make more money by finding great job opportunities close to where each renter lives. The two solutions are a perfect compliment to help renters succeed and to provide long-lasting solutions that solve housing affordability,” David Sullivan, CEO of Till, says.

Since partnering, Till has published a blog post for users that focuses on job searching tips, highlighting Juvo as the main resource to find nearby work opportunities. By using both of these resources, renters can find helpful employment opportunities close by that cut down on commute times, increase take-home pay, and allow them to pay rent in smaller amounts, alleviating the stress that comes with paying lump sums and learning about how to build a better financial future for themselves and their family.

Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.


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