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A happy florist/hourly worker sells plants to a customer in her local community

Connecting hourly workers with local jobs.

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Finally, a platform for hourly workers and employers.

We connect part-time, full-time, and any other workers
in between with businesses near them.

Connect with
hourly jobs.

Our team educates workers by featuring nearby jobs on the app. We give hourly employees a better solution to job boards with work close to home.

A college aged, female student sits in a wheelchair with books in her lap and holds a phone. She uses the Juvo Jobs app to see 5 featured jobs in her area at the local Chick-fil-A.

Shorten your

We connect people with local jobs so they can work in their community. Say goodbye to long transportation routes and money wasted on gas.

A man with short black hair and a blue jean jacket drives his car. He looks out the front window smiling because he has a notification that Juvo found jobs close to his neighborhood.

Support local communities.

Juvo helps small businesses stay in business. We decrease business turnover by showcasing local workers to fill open roles. 

A young man is seen picking out a tool for a female customer in a hardware store. He is wearing a yellow top and blue overalls. He has created a video intro on the Juvo Jobs app, seen to his right, and he smiles at the camera. The paused video states he is about to explain more about himself.
A hand is seen above a green field holding a phone on the Juvo Jobs app. A list of jobs within short distances are displayed.

Find local jobs in
your neighborhood.

A young woman and man are wearing white shirts with brown overalls, seen inside a flower shop. While working on a flower display, they look on their computer to view new job seekers with Juvo Jobs.

Connect with your
next best employee.

Two hands are seen shaking to close a partnership deal amongst a dark blue background.

Offer a new solution
for your clients.

Juvo Jobs Pin

Join the Juvolution.

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