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Streamline Your Employment Solutions

Find. Connect. Screen.

Combine your hiring & screening processes to save time & money- powered by National Crime Search and Juvo Jobs.

Find Connect Screen with Juvo Jobs
Screen local hires with Juvo

Screen your local hires

FCS is integrated into the Juvo app, making it a breeze to run criminal history searches, drug screening, education & employment verifications, & more! 

In this program, you'll have exclusive access to special, discounted rates.

11+ million

job seekers

10k companies


served nationwide

2+ million

employers given confidence on new hires

30+ million

of HR & hiring experience

National Crime Search Partners with Juvo Jobs

The nation's premier spot for affordable background screening.

Our partner, National Crime Search, has been in business for 10+ years & is the go-to solution for background checks, drug screening, education & employment verifications, I-9/E-Verify Management, & more.


With a National Crime Search account, you can easily screen the job seekers you hire on the Juvo Jobs app through our chats tab to make your hiring process that much easier. 

Screen local talent
Save Time Running Background Checks

Tired of service hopping to hire just one person?

By using FCS, you eliminate going from website to website, just to hire one individual. Save time and lots of money by keeping it all in the same place.

Start checking your future hires on the Juvo Jobs app.

Register for your FREE National Crime Search account today.

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