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Making a difference through local organizations.

That's the name of the Juvo game- helping local communities thrive. See how we're making an impact by partnering with local organizations.

Spotlight Partners 

Juvo Jobs Partner with Community Organizations
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Community Assistance Center of Sandy Springs

Working with the CAC to provide job seeker resources & inform the community of local jobs, helping people get back on their feet. 

Juvo Impacts Local Hourly Communities
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Just People, Inc.

Helping the disabled community find meaningful work through the Atlanta organization, Just People.

Partner With Us

When you partner with Juvo, you're opening up doors for the people that need it the most. By building awareness of the Juvo platform, you're giving your community access to a network of jobs that they otherwise wouldn't know about. 

Why Partner?

Additional Resources


Get access to our partner network full of great companies and learn about our educational content about job searching that will greatly benefit your network.

Access to Local Network


Our network lets job seekers connect with employers they might not have known existed. Your partnership allows you to advertise the ongoing, local work opportunities on the app.



You'll get access to a team of hiring pros & have the opportunity to learn about hiring trends or be able to ask for top notch hiring advice to pass along to your network.

Build Communities with Juvo
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Help People Find Jobs
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Juvo Helps Communities Thrive

Let's Build Our Local Working Communities, Together.

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