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80 Million people in the United States are hourly workers. Juvo helps them find meaningful work inside their community.

Juvo360 Job-Finding Service 

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At Juvo, we've identified three key issues with the current job search process: awareness, location, and application. Juvo's easy-to-use app directly addresses these issues to ensure hourly workers are supported and have the tools to thrive.

Juvo’s innovative geolocator technology organizes job openings by location. The app actively pushes the vacancies out to the seekers that are closest. So you’ll never miss another opportunity.
When you’ve found a position that suits you, Juvo’s video resumé platform enables you to show off your personality, to let the employer know who you really are. No more dry paperwork!

We take the hassle out of hiring because, with Juvo, the job finds you.

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Thousands of Job Seekers have found success using Juvo Jobs

Juvo Jobs really stepped up to the plate for us during this pandemic. One email from Debbie Emery said, “we’re here to help,” & we successfully hosted 2 virtual job fairs informing students & the community of their services. Juvo Jobs is officially “our go-to” for job resources.

My commute was terrible...I was spending an extra two hours in the car almost every day - not to mention the extra cost of gas! I downloaded Juvo and found multiple jobs that I passed everyday. Applied for a job and got it within week

Juvo sent me a notification right after I got on the bus. I was able to apply right there on my phone. I got the job, which saved me $12 a day on my commute.

- Naomi P.

- Sheila T.

- James D.

...And many more!


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Juvo Jobs helps eager candidates find job opportunities inside their community. Job searching has never been easier or more convenient.

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