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Over 11 million job seekers & counting

All your jobs, All the time.

Forget the expensive job boards & get connected with over 11 million job seekers in neighborhoods across the country. All for one low price.

Small Business Owner Uses Juvo Jobs for Hiring
Job Seekers View Local Jobs on Map

Keep it in the neighborhood.

The #1 problem with employee retention is the proximity between employers and their workers. That's why Juvo exists- to help business owners find local employees,
right around the corner. 

Juvo Puts the Humanity Back into Hiring
View Employer Video Intros on Juvo Jobs App

Putting the humanity
back into HIRING

Put some human back into your hiring with Juvo Jobs

No one hires a piece of paper. See video intros of job seekers to learn more about your future employees and make your own video to attract local talent.

Get Notified About Local Jobs in your Area

Get noticed without breaking the bank.

One main difference that separates us from job boards is our affordability. Stop paying per posting. Add all your jobs, per location, today (your wallet will thank you later)!

Why Juvo?

Get noticed.

Juvo is not another job board. With Juvo, you'll get 24/7 awareness of your business. That means, not only are you advertising that your business is hiring, you're advertising your business to future customers. PERIOD.

Easy to use.

Our app is simple & easy to use. Unlike job boards, there's no fine print. With our mobile forward approach, you can promote your hiring anytime, anywhere.

View Job Seeker Video Intros with Juvo Jobs
Chat Easily with Local Job Seekers using Juvo Jobs

Make connections.

At Juvo, we're built differently. We treat people who are looking for work like people and work with employers who think the same. Connect with job seekers & chat with them in the app.

Andrea G.,
Owner of Gourmet Meal Prep & Catering Company

"What I like about Juvo and what they’re saying [is] they’re willing to bring forth additional opportunities for the small business owner- the entrepreneur- and not too many other platforms are willing to do that. Juvo is another tool for the small business toolbox, because you’re always going to need help."

Learn how to market your business on Juvo

Avoid Closing- Stay Open with Juvo Jobs

Keep your doors open with Juvo.

Claim your business on the Juvo Jobs Network so you'll never have to close early again due to staffing issues. 

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