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A market hourly store employee hands a customer her bag of items. The man behind the counter is wearing a dark, long sleeved shirt with a red apron and the woman holding the paper bag of recently purchased items is wearing a tan jacket. They smile during the interaction.

Over 11 million job seekers to help employers across the country

Our mission

To change the way hourly businesses
and job seekers connect.

Co-founders, Mark and Debbie Emery, smile taking their headshots amongst a blue background.
A bike mechanic shop owner proudly stands in front of his business. He uses Juvo to hire hourly workers. He wears a yellow beanie and a dark colored apron while standing in front of his well lit shop.
A group of multiracial friends have lunch outside a food truck.

Support Local Communities

We build local communities and strengthen the connection between nearby seekers & employers. Our app supports the idea of 'keeping it in the neighborhood,' ensuring local businesses thrive and job seekers find meaningful work.

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