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A Letter from Mark and Debbie Emery

6 years ago we started the concept of Juvo360 after selling our thriving HR Technology business in 2015. From our years of experience, there was an abundance of resources to help the salaried, 9 to 5, corporate worker, but the resources available to help those that worked by the hour? They were almost non-existent.

We knew the difficulties hourly workers dealt with, that being:

· It was hard for them to find enough hours

· It was hard for them to find jobs without a long commute

· Job boards were not built to help find work close to home

Our ultimate goal was to help hourly workers find local jobs and to provide them with the right tools to succeed in their workplace. We also wanted to provide an easier, quicker, and more cost-effective solution for employers to get connected with these workers in a way that was much less frustrating than using a job board.

If you Google "job," you're met with images of people in suits and business casual dresses and stock photos of people on computers or in office settings. Rarely does a picture appear of a coffee shop barista, or a cook in the back of a restaurant, or even a construction worker. Even most news articles are centered around crises in the corporate world. Most of the blogs or tips for workers are targeted towards those with salaried positions. Headlines like "How to Perfect Your Resume" rarely apply to hourly workers- I mean think about it- who hires a cashier at Arby's based on their resume?

More than half of the U.S. population works in hourly jobs. It's time to start focusing on those people. Juvo, meaning 'to help' in Latin, is just that- to help the hourly workers thrive from all sides, or 360. Our goal is to have the photos of the restaurant servers and the gas station employees appear on Google when you search for "job" without having to put the word 'hourly' in front of it.

We exist to bridge the gap between employers and hourly job seekers. Our vision is to provide businesses with a chance to connect with local, future employees, whether they’re a small corner business that’s been passed down generation after generation, or they’re a multi-franchisor with companies across the nation. We know that it’s hard enough as it is to run a business- it’s even more frustrating when you don’t have someone show up for their next shift. That’s why our mission encompasses the employer experience as well. We are not just another job board and we want that message to resonate with hiring managers.

Juvo has, and always will be, about building up local communities. In times like these, it's important to highlight the small businesses in the back of the shopping centers that are hiring. It's vital to lead local job seekers to connect with those businesses to ensure they are cutting down on commuting costs and contributing to the growth of their local economies.

When we first started Juvo, we found success in the Atlanta, Georgia area by having a 'feet on the street' approach. We attended college job fairs, joined community events, and partnered with apartment complexes and work organizations to spread the word about Juvo, even offering it for free to our first customers.

Today, Juvo Jobs has grown exponentially. Our app is now used daily by job seekers in all 50 states. We have a job seeker database of over 10 million that continues to rise everyday. In one of our most recent successes, we celebrated the 1 millionth submission between a job seeker and employer.

We are committed to innovating new ideas to continue to be the 'product disruptor' of the hiring industry. We are listening to our advisors to point us in the right direction. Most of all, we are excited with the outlook of Juvo's future. Our promise is to run the business with integrity and sincerity, while never forgetting to lose our fun along the way.

Mark and Debbie Emery

Co-Founders of Juvo360


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