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If Job Boards Wanted To...
They Would've Done It By Now.

Just like the saying, "If he wanted to, he would," job boards have heard the frustrations from their users and continue to operate the same way.
That's why Juvo is a better solution to the problem. 

The Difference That Can Save You.

Job boards push you to page 42 of their site, where you're never to be seen by local job seekers ever again.

Juvo Jobs is a Better Alternative to Job Boards

Comparison Chart

Juvo Jobs Beats Indeed and ZipRecruiter
Get Better Results with Juvo vs. Indeed and ZipRecruiter

Provides local only talent & focuses on
geo-location technology in your area

Juvo Jobs is an alternative to Indeed
Juvo focuses on local only talent

Job descriptions (that no one reads) for your open positions aren't required

Job descriptions aren't helpful
Juvo Jobs is an alternative to ZipRecruiter

Post as many job positions as you want, per location, for one set price

Juvo Jobs is an alternative to SnagaJob
Post all your jobs for one low price

Use video introductions to showcase your business & watch job seeker videos to gauge personalities

Juvo Jobs is an alternative to LinkedIn
Job boards suck, Use Juvo instead

Inexpensive tool for getting connected with job seekers for less than $100/month

Juvo Jobs is an alternative to Monster Jobs
Use Juvo for less than $100 a month

Mobile friendly for on-the-go use 

Juvo Jobs is an alternative to job boards
Juvo is mobile friendly and on the go

Treat yourself to a taste of the
sweeter side of hiring. 🍦

Claim your business on the Juvo Jobs app today and never waste your time again with those sour job boards.

Ready to get started? Click here!

Want to learn more info from a Juvo rep? Click here!

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