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Juvo Jam gives Marietta residents new job opportunities & helps employers recover from hiring crisis

Marietta, G.A. (June 14, 2021)-- This past Saturday, residents of the Marietta area were treated to some fun in the sun as Juvo Jobs, an Atlanta based tech company, sponsored their first ever “Juvo Jam” at the Amber Grove Apartment Complex. As a way of giving back to the community, given the current hiring crisis, Juvo combined work and play into an event that brought employers and job seekers together, giving over 300 Marietta residents opportunities to find work.

“We had a great turnout and helped hundreds of people become aware of the work opportunities near them, opportunities they never knew about! There were so many rewarding interactions and our dreams of getting rid of the old ‘job fair scene’ and creating networking experiences for hourly workers is slowly becoming a reality,” event manager Alexis Miller said.

Juvo also rewarded two lucky winners a $100 gift card prize basket and a free month’s rent to give back to the community. Guests found jobs on the spot, including Jared Geer, a young Atlanta professional who found the app through his sister.

“My sister applied and she got a job the next day, to a place she didn’t even know was near her vicinity. [I was] very appreciative of that,” Geer said.

Geer was one of the two new Juvo JobSquad members to join the Juvo team at the event. His involvement is part of Juvo’s ambassador program, a new initiative from the business that targets younger hourly workers with opportunities to grow professionally.

Juvo plans to create more community events in the Atlanta area throughout the summer, starting next with another local First Communities property and later with The Atlanta BeltLine. Follow their social media on Facebook and Instagram @JuvoJobs or visit their website to learn more and find Juvo in a city near you.

Thanks to our sponsors First Communities and ACRE Properties.


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