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Juvo Jobs app launches in Tampa as part of new growth expansion

Juvo Jobs app launches in Tampa as part of new growth expansion

Juvo Jobs app launches in Tampa as part of new growth expansion

ATLANTA, GA. (November 3, 2021)- As part of their latest expansion, Juvo360 is now launching their app, Juvo Jobs, in Tampa, Fla. to bring job seekers more work opportunities. Although the app has jobs listed nationwide, it has focused on targeting businesses and seekers in the Atlanta area since 2017, making the venture to Tampa an exciting new journey for the team. Amidst the nation’s hiring crisis, founders Mark and Debbie Emery understand the impact this regional expansion will have on the Tampa community.

As the company has shown tremendous growth since March of this year, moves to launch in a second city have been on the minds of the Emerys for quite some time.

“As Juvo continues its explosive growth, we are so excited to provide the employers and job seekers in Tampa, and surrounding areas, with a new and proven way to find each other and connect,” says founder and COO Debbie Emery.

In efforts to reach as many people as possible in the Tampa area, Juvo has partnered with local apartment complexes, under the First Communities property management group, and with schools to bring awareness to the app and the local work opportunities around Tampa. Although the app already has thousands of jobs listed in the city, the Juvo team is working daily to help local businesses create awareness of their openings and get them added to the Juvo Jobs network.

"Juvo has helped several hundreds of our residents in the Atlanta area find work throughout the last year which... helps them be able to pay rent. Our rent collection has never been higher and our turnover is about 8% lower since letting our residents know about the app. The Juvo Jobs app is free for all seekers and has given our residents the ability to see work opportunities close to where they live. It’s free for us and benefits...our residents,” Matt Sekellick of ACRE Properties says.

Juvo360 is a company focused on creating awareness of work opportunities for the hourly community and is dedicated to helping employers fill their open positions. To learn more about the Juvo Jobs app, please visit our website or follow us on social media @JuvoJobs.

Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.


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