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Juvo Jobs App Releases New Employer Experience Amidst National Expansion

ATLANTA, G.A. (September 16, 2021)- Juvo 360’s mobile app, Juvo Jobs (the go-to app for the hourly worker) has added new, important features to its latest update. The app’s alternate interface for employers has been completely redesigned. With skyrocketing seeker growth and national expansion on the rise, Juvo’s employers needed an improved way to handle the volume of applicants.

Juvo’s hyperlocal approach is truly changing the way people find work by focusing on helping people who need shorter commutes, implementing faster hiring processes, and increasing awareness of jobs near seekers. Some of the new enhancements include employer video introductions, better search capabilities, and a streamlined interface. The new dashboard gives managers new ways to review, connect, and give status to potential employees. These new features increase the chances of employers being matched with job seekers and better attract job seekers to employer hiring locations.

“With our national growth and increasing volumes, it is exciting to see the new and innovative ways we are helping connect millions of people with job opportunities they never would have seen before. In today's world of “Help Wanted,” it is great to enhance our employers' experience due to high volume applications,” says Mark Emery, CEO of Juvo.

Employers can download the app on the Apple App or Google Play Store today and login with their provided credentials sent from the Juvo team by signing up on the website.

Juvo 360 is a company focused on creating awareness of work opportunities for the hourly community in ways never done before. To learn more about our app, please visit or visit our social media @JuvoJobs. Download the app on the Apple App or Google Play stores today.

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