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Juvo Jobs and CertiPay Partner to bring Help to Small Businesses During Hiring Crisis

Juvo Jobs and CertiPay Partner to bring Help to Small Businesses During Hiring Crisis

Juvo Jobs and CertiPay Partner to bring Help to Small Businesses During Hiring Crisis

ATLANTA, G.A. (September 22, 2022)- Juvo360, together with CertiPay, is proud to announce a new partnership that will help shape the nation’s hiring climate. Amidst difficult times business owners are facing, the two forces have joined together to offer exclusive benefits to CertiPay clients. Juvo’s location-based hiring approach is one that no other hiring tool is using right now, giving this partnership an avenue to connect businesses with local candidates in a new way.

“Right now, business owners everywhere are struggling to attract talent. This partnership will give CertiPay’s clients an upper hand in their local communities. The Juvo Jobs app creates the ultimate awareness of job opportunities to nearby job seekers in the most effective and cost efficient way. We are excited to work with such a great group of people that are focused on being a true business partner to their client. CertiPay, having the ability to weave Juvo into their conversation, not only gives business owners solutions to their everyday problems, but gives CertiPay the advantage over other payroll companies. With Juvo, they’re different,” Mark Emery, Co-Founder of Juvo, says.

CertiPay’s HR management and payroll specialties are nothing new to Juvo. Juvo’s team leads on this project, Mark Emery and Jeff Baumohl, Juvo’s VP of Partnerships, have strong track records of creating and distributing solutions through HR/Payroll Providers. Their expertise in this field gives Juvo the advantage over other hiring tools in the industry.

“Businesses everywhere are struggling to find workers. We are thrilled to partner with CertiPay and help their clients solve one of the top business challenges,” Baumohl says. Being innovative is what Juvo is known for, giving businesses a solution that is focused on actually addressing one. Juvo’s emphasis on partnering with companies like CertiPay also sets them apart from the competition. CertiPay is a nationwide payroll provider, serving thousands of employers across the country. “Our clients need all the help they can get finding workers. Partnering with Juvo arms us with an easy-to-deploy solution that creates immediate value for our clients. While Applicant Tracking Solutions are not necessarily a fit for all organizations, Juvo is perfect,” Bryan Troye, Regional VP of Sales of CertiPay, says.

To learn more about the app, or to become an employer or partner, please visit or visit our social media @JuvoJobs. Download the Juvo Jobs app on the Apple App or Google Play stores today.


About Juvo

80 million people in the U.S. are hourly workers. Juvo helps them find meaningful work inside their communities. Juvo Jobs is an app that connects job seekers with employers by using innovative app technology to promote local-only hiring. Juvo works with business owners to create 24/7 awareness of their jobs on the Juvo network, increasing worker retention and giving business owners the opportunity to showcase all of their jobs, all of the time. Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.

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About CertiPay

CertiPay offers solutions to customized payroll and human resources. Their unique approach addresses the employment life cycle from pre-hire to post retirement by delivering cost-effective products and services, allowing clients to minimize the risk associated with managing their labor force.

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