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Juvo 360 Partners with United Way’s CareerRise to Bring Workforce Solutions to Metro Atlanta

ATLANTA, G.A. (May 5, 2022)- Juvo 360 announces a new partnership with United Way’s workforce organization, CareerRise, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Through this partnership, the pair plan on bringing job opportunities to job seekers, hiring solutions to employers, and will work together to implement various workforce strategies in metro Atlanta.

CareerRise works as an intermediary for Atlanta’s workforce, creating partnerships with businesses, such as Juvo, to improve the livelihood of people in need of jobs and those who are struggling to keep employees. CareerRise provides webinars, “work-ready” events, training classes, and resources through various partners in the community, impacting the same people that Juvo works with on a daily basis.

“CareerRise is the gateway to connect with our job seekers and employers on a deeper level,” Programs Director, Alexis Miller, says. “Just as Juvo is a two-sided business, giving job seekers the tools to find nearby work opportunities and ensuring that employers find the much needed help they are looking for, CareerRise also creates touch points with many different businesses and has all the right resources to expand our network. We are so excited to begin this partnership.” In April, Juvo was highlighted as a featured partner of the month in CareerRise’s webinar series. The webinar was focused on “Increasing Hiring and Retention for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses,” as a few key leaders in the Atlanta area spoke on their hiring challenges and how to overcome them. Jeff Baumohl, VP of Partnerships, spoke about the Juvo Jobs app as a solution to increase hiring for these small business attendees and how it could help them find applicants to fill their open positions. Baumohl also spoke on Juvo’s partnership program and how it could extend to other local organizations that provide workforce solutions to community members.

As the Juvo company grows nationally, the need for partnerships like this one will truly improve the lives of all users, employers and job seekers alike. To learn more about the app, or to become an employer or partner, please visit or visit our social media @JuvoJobs. Download the app on the Apple App or Google Play stores today.


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