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Juvo Jobs & CAVU HCM Partner Together to Help Growing Businesses Boost Their Hiring in Local Communities

Juvo Jobs and Cavu HCM partner together to help boost hiring for local growing businesses

Juvo Jobs and Cavu HCM partner together to help boost hiring for local growing businesses

ATLANTA, G.A. (November 16, 2022)- Juvo360, together with CAVU Human Capital Management (CAVU HCM), announce a new partnership to deliver a versatile portfolio of HR tech solutions to growing businesses across the country. Despite buzz surrounding the nation’s economic slope, businesses are still struggling to hire. Because of the steady demand for hourly workers, Juvo and CAVU HCM have teamed up to offer exclusive benefits for business owners. Designed by a small business for small businesses, Juvo Jobs for employers makes it efficient and simple for small business owners to engage and connect with local job seekers by (1) providing 24/7 awareness of their business on the Juvo Jobs Network map, (2) letting employers view video intros and personalities, rather than resumes, (3) allowing owners to connect with seekers via in-app chat, and (4) giving them access to Juvo’s fast-growing seeker community in their area.

“Finding employees is a top challenge for small businesses everywhere. Small businesses rely on their payroll providers for guidance on how to solve their HCM challenges. We’re excited to partner with CAVU HCM and provide their clients with a competitive edge to find new workers,” Jeff Baumohl, VP of Partnerships of Juvo, says.

CAVU HCM’s network extends across the nation, offering payroll and HR solutions to thousands of clients. Their approach to helping clients scale their businesses fits hand in hand with Juvo’s philosophy of serving small business communities. CAVU HCM’s focus on educating their clients on the latest HR tech is what makes them different, giving them an edge over other payroll providers.

“For most businesses in today’s environment, hiring is a serious challenge and, as a payroll and human capital management company, we constantly look for ways to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive space. Juvo provides CAVU HCM with a game changing solution that allows us to deliver a unique way to help our clients solve their hiring challenges. When it comes to helping build client loyalty and finding talent for our clients, Juvo is our go-to-tool,” Marty Hamby, Founder and Co-CEO of CavuHCM, says. _________________________________________________________________________ About Juvo 80 million people in the U.S. are hourly workers. Juvo helps them find meaningful work inside their communities. Juvo Jobs is an app that connects job seekers with employers by using innovative app technology to promote local-only hiring. Juvo works with business owners to create 24/7 awareness of their jobs on the Juvo network, increasing worker retention and giving business owners the opportunity to showcase all of their jobs, all of the time. Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.

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About CAVU HCM CAVU HCM offers one of a kind HR and payroll solutions to growing businesses. Founded as an alternative to both micro and oversized firms, CAVU HCM gives business owners the power to access high end tools and resources needed to grow their companies. Their services include talent management, payroll solutions, workforce management, tax credit guidance, and more to help clients as they scale their businesses.

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