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Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with Leading Platform WeFunder

Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with Leading Platform WeFunder

Juvo Jobs Announces Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with Leading Platform: WeFunder

ATLANTA, G.A. (Mar. 7, 2022) - Juvo360 LLC. has officially launched a capital raise on WeFunder, the nation’s leading investment crowdfunding platform. With the capital, Juvo will expand their efforts in making sure that the hourly working ecosystem thrives. Dedicated to helping the 53% of US workers in hourly positions, the Juvo team has already scaled nationally, with download rates and employer connections rising monthly.

Juvo’s app, Juvo Jobs, uses geo-location technology to show nearby work opportunities to job seekers. It’s a better way to connect seekers and employers and takes the hassle out of hiring, especially amidst the hiring crisis the nation is experiencing. Co-founders Mark and Debbie Emery noticed there was a major gap in the way hourly workers found jobs when they found their children struggling to find open positions. Since the creation of Juvo Jobs, there has been a paradigm shift from seekers looking for jobs, to jobs finding seekers.

The Juvo WeFunder campaign launched on February 22 and so far, the company has raised over $250,000. With a minimum investment of only $100, anyone who shares the same passion for helping local communities thrive can invest in Juvo. The primary goal of this capital campaign is to expand employer reach, inviting businesses to add their locations to the app’s map. “WeFunder is a fantastic platform for Juvo right now because its impact is two-fold. Firstly, we’re excited to connect with employers, to get their pin on the network and to enable them to reach local job seekers. But we also get the chance to create valuable, long-term partnerships through investment. We are leveraging the WeFunder platform to raise awareness of what Juvo is doing to support small businesses, and better the lives of seekers and employers nationwide,” Mark Emery says.

Within the next three years, the app plans to have over 10 million job seekers looking for work opportunities daily. This successful disruption of the competitive landscape amongst traditional job searching has attracted the attention of well-known investors, including Steve Johnson, President and COO of Berkshire Grey and former CRO of Hootsuite, Ed Wolff, CRO of LeaseLock, and John Dyer, former President and CEO of Cox Enterprises.

“Juvo is the easy, and instant solution to a very real problem. One which no other company has addressed. For those of us wrapped up in the hiring process, we know how difficult it can be to find new talent quickly and without wasting resources. But Juvo gives small-midsize employers the leverage that before has been exclusively enjoyed by large enterprises. And with minimal lift from employers themselves,” Andrew Cooper, CPA firm owner, and investor says.

With the new capital, Juvo plans to create more awareness for small businesses and increase the number of job seekers on the app. The app targets three main areas of concern within the hiring industry- location, application and awareness. One unique feature includes the app’s video intro functionality, which invites users to create 30-second videos of themselves, showcasing their personality. As Juvo believes in hiring people, not pieces of paper, resumes are ditched for this fun feature and employers are actually more likely to hire those with convincing clips.

Investors are invited to the WeFunder campaign until mid-April. Invest with Juvo today by visiting

Juvo360 is a company focused on creating work opportunities for the hourly working industry, with national partnerships that help local communities thrive. To learn more about the app, or to become an employer or partner, please visit our website or visit our social media @JuvoJobs.

Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.


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