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New Online Experience is Expected to Increase Connectivity & Productivity Amongst Juvo Employers

New Online Experience is Expected to Increase Connectivity & Productivity Amongst Juvo Employers

The new online experience for Juvo employers is expected to increase connectivity & productivity.

ATLANTA, G.A. (April 28, 2023)- In the latest expansion of the Juvo360 Network, Juvo Jobs is proud to announce a new online web experience for employers. In addition to accessing interested talent on the Juvo Jobs mobile app, this new update gives employers ultimate flexibility to login to their existing accounts from the convenience of their laptop or computer.

With the company’s job seeker network peaking over 10 million people, Juvo’s demand for an easy-to-use online platform is needed. After hearing from clients about the need for an accessible web portal to manage job seekers from their desks, the Juvo Jobs team delivered, bringing a new and improved version of the app to a desktop.

“Although our employers loved our ‘on-the-go,’ unique approach to managing their applicants via the Juvo Jobs app, we had always wanted to provide them with a way to handle their increasing volume of applicants on a larger display- on a computer where they felt familiar with a web-based interface. We are excited to bring this new enhancement to our employers and hope to increase the productivity of their hiring processes,” team lead, Mike Shutt, Juvo’s Chief Technology Officer, says.

Juvo’s innovative technology still reigns on the online platform. Employers can easily view seeker profiles, video introductions, and chat with local job seekers on the new dashboard. By having access to a web version of the app, employers have the ability to be more productive and increase their chances of being matched with job seekers in their area quicker than ever before.

Employers can access the portal by visiting the Juvo Jobs website.

Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.


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