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"Why Does No One Read My Job Description?" 3 Tips to Help You Succeed

One of the most common problems employers and hiring managers face deals with this age old question, "Why does no one read my job description?". Of the small applicant pool you get, most of those candidates aren't even qualified for the position you're hiring for (almost like they didn't even read the description). If you're thinking that, you're right. Actually 90% of job seekers don't read job descriptions anymore.

Despite this, you, and other employers, are still cranking out job descriptions and posting lengthy details about open positions on various job boards. That's why our team of hiring experts has crafted some ways to reach outside of your comfort zone and actually get people who are excited to work for you and your business. Here's 3 tips for what to do when job seekers aren't reading your job descriptions:

1. It’s Too Long

*Attention all writers of job descriptions!* STOP writing these super l-o-n-g job descriptions. Sincerely, every single job seeker, ever. No but seriously, of the small percentage seekers that do read them, they take just seconds to scan through. If you’re going to write a job description, keep it brief, like 2 to 3 sentences brief. At the end of the day, who can blame them- haven’t we all scanned through documents with hard to understand words and unnecessary jargon… which leads us to our next topic.

2. Unnecessary Jargon

As an employer, you’ve probably done a lot of copy and pasting online job title descriptions into your own business. However, times have changed, and phrases like “fast-paced work environment” are now deemed as a workplace red flag. Stop asking for your next ‘rockstar’ (unless you’re hiring a band mate) and start replacing those buzz words with language that matters. Juvo understands the importance of transparency, which is a big reason why we require employers to include their pay rates on the Juvo Jobs app, something we find our job seekers to really appreciate.

3. Video Runs the World

Lastly, try video. With platforms like TikTok and Reels heavily on the rise in the past few years, video dominates, even in hiring trends. Try filming a short video introduction that advertises what it’s like to work for your business, and test it out on the Juvo Jobs app! Our employers find using video gets them great results.

Now that you’ve heard these tips, spruce up your job descriptions, or replace them entirely with video! And, for more employer friendly advice, visit our website at or follow us on social media at Juvo Jobs. Happy Juvoing! 😀

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