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The Best Hiring Strategy in 2024: Why Proactive Hiring Should Be Your New Normal

Proactive Hiring- Best Hiring Strategy for 2024

Long gone are the days of waiting to fill open positions as employees leave. Learn how to create the best hiring strategy in 2024 by practicing proactive hiring.

Let's face it—hiring can be a headache. The resumes, the interviews, the endless rounds of decision-making—  It’s no wonder many employers shove it to the bottom of their to-do list until someone quits or gets fired. But here’s the thing: hiring should always be on your radar (especially when things are running smoothly).

The Reactive Hiring Trap

Picture this: your star employee just handed in their notice, and suddenly, your business turns chaotic. Sound familiar? This is a common pitfall of reactive hiring. Waiting until a key player exits stage left to start thinking about hiring is a recipe for disaster. You’re left scrambling, your team’s morale takes a hit, and your customers might start looking at your competitors.

Business owners are busy. In fact, 58% of small business owners work at least 50 hours a week! And hiring? It’s often something you push off until it’s absolutely necessary. After all, if it’s not a problem today, why bother? Yet, waiting until you have an open spot to fill is like waiting until your tooth hurts to see the dentist—it’s going to cost you more time, money, and sanity.

Proactive Hiring: The Secret to Staying Ahead

1. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Proactive hiring puts you ahead of the curve. You don’t have to spend countless hours looking for talent, but rather, 10 minutes every morning before the madness of the workday ensues. In the hourly workforce, your toughest competition could likely be those on the same street as you, even if they happen to be in a different industry. Beating the competition could be as simple as reminding your current customers that you’re always looking for extra hands, so it’s top of mind when they’re looking for their next job.

2. Reduce Time-to-Hire

Remember all of those job applications you threw out last year because you found the right fit for the role? It may be time to start digging in the trash. With a list of interested candidates ready to go, you can fill positions faster. You can quickly find the right fit and keep your business running smoothly.

3. Save Time and Money

Yes, proactive hiring requires some effort upfront, but it pays off. Think of it as an investment– By reducing the time-to-hire, you save money by steering clear of temporary staffing solutions, avoiding the productivity dips that come with being short-staffed, and reducing customer frustrations and wait times. In the long run, it’s a smart financial move. One of our favorite ways to reduce time-to-hire? Use video to hire interested talent! Oftentimes, employers fail to recognize the humanity behind paper resumes. That’s why the Juvo Jobs app offers video introductions so business owners can quickly gauge job seeker personalities.

4. Access to Passive Talent

Sometimes, the best people to fill your open roles aren’t actively looking for jobs. They’re busy excelling at their current roles. Proactive hiring lets you tap into this passive talent pool. Maybe you shouldn’t be spending all of your proactive hiring efforts on job boards- maybe there should be more of an effort to market your hiring like a billboard on the side of the highway. Post that you’re always hiring in your social media bios, ask your current employees to tell their family and friends, and use tools like the Juvo Jobs app to advertise your business 24/7. 

5. Minimize Disruptions

Whether it’s a leadership role or a specialized position, knowing who’s in the wings makes transitions seamless. Keep an eye on your top performers, and constantly remind them they’re doing a great job! According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees whose managers excelled at providing positive recognition were at least 40% more engaged than those with managers who fell short in this area, and when employees receive recognition for their efforts, they’re 18x more likely to feel inspired to produce exceptional work. By identifying future leaders early, you can ensure smooth transitions during key personnel changes. No more scrambling to fill leadership gaps at the last minute.

6. Boost Team Morale

No one likes working in an understaffed environment. It leads to burnout, reduced morale, and increased turnover. Nearly half (45%) of understaffed workers actually described their morale as being poor or fair at their current workplace, according to a CNBC survey. Proactively hiring not only prevents these issues but also invigorates your team. They’ll appreciate knowing their business is looking out for their well-being and is committed to maintaining a strong, supportive work environment!

The Myth of “Not My Problem Today”

It’s easy to think, “I’ll worry about hiring when it’s urgent.” But here’s the kicker: hiring was your problem yesterday, and it will be your problem tomorrow. By ignoring it today, you’re just kicking the can down the road. And trust me, ‘future you’ will not be happy about it.

Hire Like a Boss

Proactive hiring isn’t just about filling positions. It’s about anticipating needs and being prepared for whatever comes your way. So, start thinking of hiring as an ongoing process, not a fire drill. Keep those lines of communication open with potential candidates. Build relationships. Stock your talent pantry.

Ready to change your mindset? Good. It’s always hiring season, and that’s a good thing.

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Proactive Hiring- The Best Hiring Strategy in 2024


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