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How to Get Ahead of Your Holiday Hiring

How to Get Ahead of Your Holiday Hiring

Employers: Read these tips to know how to get ahead of your holiday hiring!

Employers, this is not a drill. Time to get your holiday hiring sorted out, NOW. The holiday season is intense for all small business owners - and now that it’s even harder to hire - you may be dreading the upcoming festivities. But don’t panic! Juvo’s got your back.

Times are changing for holiday retailers. This year, Macy’s has set their hiring targets at 41,000 new hires, that’s a 46% decrease compared to the same period in 2021. For the small-midsize business owners, this statistic is personal. Coming out of a period of hiring instability, investing in the holiday season can seem risky. Q4, however, is still the bottom line in retail. It is crucial that you don’t let understaffing ruin your most lucrative season.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to get ahead of your holiday hiring.

I’m All Set for this Season

Have you already started hiring for the holidays? CONGRATS! That’s the best place to be in. Stick around- we still have some tips and tricks to ensure that the season runs smoothly for your business.

Do I Really Need to Hire for the Holidays?

Planning on just using your existing workforce is a great way to be optimistic - but we need to be realistic. Although you‘re set right now, some of your current employees may not be around in a month or two (especially if they find a juicy holiday hiring deal elsewhere).

Get your jobs on places like the Juvo Jobs app now and keep them open through the holidays. It’s always better to hire a few extra people just in case you find yourself 3 employees down with a week to go until Christmas!

I Know I Need to Hire, But How?

Your self-awareness concerning your hiring situation is great. But what are you waiting for? The holiday season is fast approaching and things get busy FAST! You’ve come to the right place for hiring support!

Tap Into Your Local Network

The first thing to remember is that employees, just like you, need flexibility, especially when it comes to seasonal contracts. Most holiday workers juggle 2 or 3 jobs at a time. They don’t want to spend the little free time they do have commuting to and from work. That’s why it’s always better to hire locally. Staff that live nearby are more able to fill shifts at the last minute and are more likely to prioritize the job that is the easiest (and cheapest) to get to.

Ex-team members that left the company on good terms may also be a good place to start looking for holiday hires. Employees who are already familiar with how your business operates are going to be able to ramp up quicker and cope with the added holiday demand.

I Need to Hire Externally- What Should I Do?

To attract the workers that you need during this oversaturated season, you need to be competitive with your pay, perks, and hiring process.

Offering your workers a better paycheck than your competitor is ultimately the best way to clinch holiday staff. But, Juvo knows it’s already been an expensive year for small business owners. If you’re at your pay cap, try offering holiday perks like paying for employees’ gas or for daycare expenses. This is an innovative way of making your business stand out without having to keep wages going up and up.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The next best way to stand out? Shorten that boring and, honestly, wasteful hiring process. Workers will not wait around for you to complete a ton of paperwork, especially when they are so in demand. We recommend ditching the job descriptions for a quick video. Show candidates around your workplace and highlight their 3 key responsibilities. Video is much more engaging than text and will make your job stand out from the crowd.

Have you assessed your interview process recently? How many contact points do you have with your candidates before the final decision? If it’s more than 2 - it is too many for an hourly job.

As soon as you see an applicant you’re interested in, call them. Ask logistical questions such as how long it takes for them to commute in. Employees who live too far away from their jobs do not stick around. This initial chat will enable you to make your decision quickly. It’s so much better than emailing back and forth, only to find that the candidate has got another job while waiting for them to reply.

I Just Can’t Find the Perfect Candidate!

Okay- you feel you’ve done everything you’re supposed to but you’re still not finding the perfect applicant. In our experience, employers can get so focused on finding the perfect employee that you miss out on all the great candidates right in front of you.

Given the dynamics of the pandemic, many hourly employees haven’t been able to work for the past 2 years. It’s time to adjust the way you review candidates - you may see someone apply with no experience in your industry - don’t tag them out! Giving someone new a chance, especially on a seasonal contract, may just introduce you to your next best employee.

Use that first phone call to figure out why there is a gap in their experience or why they haven’t worked in the industry before. Switch your interview questions to focus less on what they have done, and more on what they are capable of doing. We’re here to reassure you that just because an applicant hasn’t done the job before doesn’t mean they won’t be a good fit.

You’ve Convinced Me. What Do I Do Next?

Congrats! You have all the tools to embark on your holiday hiring mission. The best way to ensure your holiday positions are visible to your local community? Get your jobs on the Juvo app. Remember rule number 1 of holiday hiring? Start listing those open spots now!

Join the Juvo Network or become a Juvo partner today! Download the Juvo Jobs app to see local jobs in your neighborhood.


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