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5 FREE Resources to Help Your Job Search

5 FREE Resources to Help Your Job Search

The job search is hard- That's why we've compiled a list of 5 free resources to help your job search journey!

POV: You're a job seeker and just found a job that you want to apply for on Juvo but maybe you’re… - Struggling with things to say in your video intro? - Missing relevant work experience? - Looking for hacks to improve your chances of being hired? Don’t worry, Juvo’s got you. We found 5 FREE resources you can use to improve your Juvo profile:

1. Public Speaking Pro

Public speaking may seem scary, but being able to present yourself confidently in person and with customers is one of the skills employers are most looking for. Take a look at this guide to elevate your public speaking skills and ace your video intro. Who knows? Maybe learning how to elevate your communication skills will take you to the next level in the interviewing process, or get you promoted to a manager position quickly because you know how to talk like a leader.

2. Learn a New Language

Okay, we know it might be a stretch, but imagine how amazing it would be to check off that you know more than one language on your job application. Multilingual skills are always useful in the workplace. Free apps like Duolingo are a great way to learn the basics of a new language.

3. Social Media Genius

A lot of businesses right now run their own social media, and you can learn some simple skills online to make you stand out from the crowd. LaterBlog is a free resource where you can learn all the latest in social media to take the company ‘gram’ to the next level. Maybe your company doesn't have a social media presence... this could be your time to shine and build a great platform from scratch. Now that's something worth putting on your resume.

4. Free College Courses

Want to learn more about a certain field but don’t want to go back to school? Coursera is an online tool that connects you with top university classes for free! Just sign up & get access to classes in tons of exciting fields. This could be a great addition to add to your 'Certificates' section in the Juvo Jobs app, or could put you over the edge when competing for your dream job up against another candidate.

5. Volunteer

Now, this one takes a little bit of extra effort from you, but volunteering at a local charity is a great way to gain work experience. Volunteering teaches you valuable skills, shows commitment, and gives you something interesting to talk about in your video intro and interview. Not only that, but employers love to hire people that take initiative outside of the workplace, or people who care about social causes and have a giving heart. Remember, what you put in - you get out!

Were these tips helpful? Comment below if you have more ideas about resources that can score a job seeker their next position. Check out the Juvo Jobs app HERE to see local jobs in your area and get connected with employers in your neighborhood, today.

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5 FREE Resources to Help Your Job Search


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