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Make More Money for You & Your Clients.

Don't miss out on your exclusive invite to become a payroll/HCM partner with Juvo Jobs. Add your clients' jobs to our network for FREE

Hiring Tool

Not all of your clients need an ATS, and job boards aren't cutting it these days.

Designed for SMBs

Increase your revenue stream by offering Juvo Jobs as a hiring tool in your packages, tailored for SMBs.

No Integration Needed

Partner today for a quick & easy sign up process, no integration required.

Chat with a Juvo Jobs team member:  1-770-272 -5100 x 102
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm ET

5 Stars from our Current Partners

What's In It For Me?

The question that everyone thinks but is too afraid to ask.

New Revenue Stream


When you offer Juvo, you're a classic fairytale hero, saving your clients the frustration of posting their jobs on a job board & reaping the benefits and fortune for you and your company.



Fancy words means more money in your pocket. What payroll providers can offer their clients a way to find local employees? Could be you, & that's how you compete.

Increase Client Retention


By mixing in Juvo with your payroll offerings, you're more likely to spark an interest in your current clients & keep them onboard. (Who knows? Maybe you'll have new ones knocking on your door).

The reality is that job boards are not focused on the hourly worker- Juvo is. It’s a pain that [our customers] are experiencing, trying to find good people, and this tool has a different approach than a lot of the other technologies that are out there today. It immediately gets [our clients'] attention and it allows us to talk about [how it can] immediately impact their business. [Juvo] gives us the opportunity once they're engaged to learn more about the other things that we do. 

David Adams

Exec. VP of Sales & Marketing at CertiPay

Payroll Partners Increase Sales with Juvo
Best PEO Partner is Juvo Jobs
For most businesses in today’s environment, hiring is a serious challenge and, as a payroll and human capital management company, we constantly look for ways to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive space. Juvo provides CAVU HCM with a game changing solution that allows us to deliver a unique way to help our clients solve their hiring challenges. When it comes to helping build client loyalty and finding talent for our clients, Juvo is our go-to-tool.

Marty Hamby

Founder & Co-CEO of CavuHCM

Increase Client Retention with Juvo Jobs
Best HR Solutions Partner
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