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Juvo Jobs connects hourly workers with local employers

Bridging the gap between hourly job seekers and employers looking to hire in their local communities. 

Connecting hourly workers with local employers

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Juvo is an amazing place to find jobs. The culture of the company has a sense of family and belonging. Who wouldn't want to be a part of Juvo?

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This is an absolute steal! Have hired multiple employees from here & have saved so much from not paying job boards anymore.

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Juvo is an amazing company reaching out to help people in the community!

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Find employees quickly with Juvo Jobs

For the people who are sick and tired of job boards.

Easily Connect

Simply download the app, create a profile, & get connected, as soon as a few hours after reaching out!

Local Options

We connect people with local jobs & seekers, resulting in higher employer retention rates and shorter seeker commutes.

Human Touch

Job boards are so...sterile. We put the humanity back into hiring by connecting people with people, (& no wasted time spent on resumes!).

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Trusted by happy job seekers & employers  since 2020.

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Hire for all of your jobs, all of the time.

Market your positions

With a Juvo pin, you'll have access to spread awareness of your business at all times on our network, even to those who may not necessarily be looking for work.

Market your open positions on Juvo Jobs
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Connect with local workers

Our hyper-local geo-location technology gives employers access to LOCAL job seekers. Because who wants to hire someone that lives 20+ miles away? (Not us!)

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Hire people, not pieces of paper

No one hires a piece of paper, so why are we requiring lengthy resumes/applications to hire employees? Juvo is putting the humanity back into hiring, one smiling video intro at a time.

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